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HFA Unveils New Vision

Updated: Apr 18

Change is the key to future success. And for Holman Frenia Allison, Certified Public Accountants and Advisors, opportunity to do something better has driven them to strengthen their brand in the market by rolling out a new vision and a shortened name.

Meet the new HFA.

Headquartered in Central New Jersey, the firm services a diverse client base within the tri-state area and provides highly personalized and comprehensive accounting, audit, tax and business consulting services. HFA currently has two locations – Toms River and Red Bank. Its success has been attributed to its commitment to continuous improvement. "Our culture is amazing and our passion for excellence has never been higher," said Bob Allison, Partner of HFA. "And with that we were excited to unveil our five-year firm vision at a recent team building event held this summer.

As a leadership team, we believe our firm will never be greater than the vision that guides us. A clear vision of the desired future of our firm is essential to all high performance firms. Over the past six months, each HFA team member has contributed to the creation of this vision. Their passion and enthusiasm is what is leading HFA forward." HFA's new vision employs a 'People First' mantra, underlining team development at its core. "At HFA, we work as a team and foster a culture of mutual respect. We retain high-quality professionals by valuing and supporting the people with whom we work. This area of discipline is the foundation of all our disciplines." Committed to teamwork and working together in an atmosphere of unity and mutual respect, HFA provides clear guidance on advancement and seeks to remove the mysteries surrounding what it means and what it takes to be successful by engaging each person in a meaningful way. "We are dedicated to developing professionals at all levels in the firm to step into new opportunities and to be prepared to take responsibilities from others as we all grow in this process," said Allison.

The firm believes the key to future growth is to continue to grow its services in order to meet the evolving needs of its clients. "We work diligently throughout the entire firm to develop deep relationships with our clients by striving for excellence every day and following proven processes," said Allison. "Our single most important way to measure success with our clients is by the number of referrals they provide us. Based on this criteria, we promise to create a culture of raving fans." Everyone at HFA aims to be a high performance partner by showing spirited commitment towards the firm's vision, core values and strategic plan. All HFA team members understand the role they individually play in helping the firm reach its vision. "Each partner and team member is self-accountable to the commitments we have made and we promise to do these things on time and to the best of our ability," said Allison. "Honesty and integrity are the pillars of our profession." At HFA, leadership does not rely on a title, seniority or the ability to exert power. "Our leaders emerge at any and all levels, cultivating the desire to work with those they collaborate with in order to reach a common goal," said Allison. "That's what makes us successful, and that's what makes us HFA."

We Are //HFA.

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