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Our Values

People first

At HFA, we work as a team and foster a culture of mutual respect. We retain high-quality professionals by valuing and supporting the people with whom we work. This area of discipline is the foundation of all our disciplines. It is integral to everything we do.

The entire firm is committed to teamwork and to working together in an atmosphere of unity and mutual respect. We engage each person in a meaningful way in our effort to remain a high performance firm. We are dedicated to developing professionals at all levels in the firm to step into new opportunities and to be prepared to take responsibilities from others as we all grow together.

Forces working together

We meet our goals as a firm by striving for excellence every day.  Every interaction in the office and with our clients and contacts is an opportunity to demonstrate exceptional client service. We work diligently throughout the entire firm to develop deep and broad relationships with our clients.

Our single most important way to measure success with our clients is the number of referrals they provide to us. Based on this criterion, we believe we are creating a culture of raving fans amongst our client base.

Exceptional every day, every way.

We believe that healthy things grow and we believe that growth is the key to providing opportunity to our people.  We believe that our best source of growth is our cadre of great clients.  We continue to grow our services and capabilities to meet the needs of these clients.

We Pride ourselves in our ability to ask great questions and listen with intent toward identifying and truly understanding the issues that current and potential clients face.  We ask the correct questions to uncover the important information required to provide simple solutions to complex problems.  HFA has a shared environment in which the collective skills of individual employees are fused together to maximize their strengths and establish the greatest collaborative force when developing business solutions for clients.

Choose accountability

We provide services that others rely on, honesty and integrity are the pillars of our profession.  We take ownership of everything we do, while working according to the highest ethical and professional standards.

All team members are self-accountable to commitments they have made, and they do the things they have committed to do on time, to the best of their ability, and without constant reminders. Additionally, team members spend sufficient time each year recording their knowledge and training others around them to acquire the skills and abilities to function at a higher level. 

Know the way. Show the way. Lead the Way

Leadership is the ability to translate vision into reality. Leadership does not rely on one’s title, seniority or ability to exert power.  Leaders emerge at any and all levels, cultivating a desire to work with those they collaborate with in order to reach a common goal.

Change is key to our future success.  Any opportunity to do something better is a chance to propel the firm forward.  Be adaptable and find innovative ways to work differently to meet the changing needs of the firm, our clients and others.

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