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Individual Tax Submission

Thank you for choosing HFA for your financial tax service needs. We are grateful for the opportunity to continue to be your trusted advisor and look forward to another year of working with you. 

To help you get a jumpstart on your 2023 tax information gathering we have prepared the following list of key documents and information, if applicable, that should be included with the tax information you make available to us:

  • Current Bank Account Number and Routing information to be used for refunds and direct debit of money owed to government agencies.

  • Please confirm any estimated payments made to federal and state agencies toward the 2022 tax year.

  • Form(s) W-2 (wages, etc.) or W2G (gambling).

  • Form 1095-A, 1095-B, or 1095-C regarding health care coverage and advanced premium credits received.

  • Form(s) 1099 (interest, dividends, gains, pensions, IRAs, etc.)

  • Schedule(s) K-1, K-2, and K-3 (income/loss from partnerships, S corporations, or trusts), please include all pages and all state information.

  • Forms 1098 (mortgage interest) and 1098-T (college tuition).

  • Closing statements of real estate transactions (buy, sell, loan, refinancing, etc.).

  • Any tax notices received from the IRS, Franchise Tax Board, or other taxing authorities.

We ask that you provide us with all of your tax information by March 10, 2023, so we have enough time to complete your return by the deadline.  If all information is not available by the date above it may be necessary for us to file an extension of time to file so we can be certain your return gets the time and attention it deserves during preparation and review.


You can drop off or mail your completed information at any time at either location:

HFA Headquarters
1985 Cedar Bridge Avenue
Suite 3
Lakewood, NJ 08701

HFA Red Bank

194 E Bergen Place

Red Bank, NJ 07701


You can also send your documents through the secure document portal Safe Send Documents, addressing them to Tax Information Main or Tax Information Red Bank.

Please include all your contact information in any correspondence, including your address, phone number, and email address.

You can request a Client Organizer to help our staff to accurately prepare your income tax returns, and also identify tax deductions or credits that may be available to you. It is therefore important that you fill in the Client Organizer as completely as possible and return it to us with all of your income tax documents and information. If we prepared your tax return last year, prior year data is included in the organizer for your reference.

New Clients

If it is your first year with us please feel free to download and print a blank organizer.  


Returning Clients

Please fill out this form if you have additional questions or would like us to send you an HFA Tax Organizer.

Organizer Delivery Type:
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