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HFA Unveils New Headquarters in Lakewood

Know the way. Show the way. Lead the way. That’s HFA. Holman Frenia Allison, Certified Public Accountants and Advisors (HFA) recently unveiled its new headquarters at 1985 Cedar Bridge Avenue in Lakewood. The move was three years in the making, and every detail was taken into consideration when creating this thoughtfully designed, motivational space.

The firm, which also has a satellite office in Red Bank, services a diverse client base within the tri-state area and provides highly personalized and comprehensive accounting, audit, tax and business consulting services. “Our culture is amazing and our passion for excellence has never been higher,” said Sarah Snell, CPA and Chief Operating Officer at HFA. “As a leadership team, we believe our firm will never be greater than the vision that guides us, and that vision is displayed throughout all 11,500 sq. ft. of our new headquarters.”

Upon visiting HFA’s new space, you are greeted by a friendly face at the front desk, a large TV screen and a fresh, modern vibe with pops of color throughout. Anchored by a Poinsettia red, Tricorn black and Reflection Gray color palette, the office exudes boldness, professionalism and fun.

To the left of the reception area is the audit side of HFA, filled with private workstations and “hotels” for individual floaters to work. This space is adjacent to a refreshment area and open bullpen where interns and junior employees begin their climb up the corporate ladder. This area can easily be transformed into versatile conference space, allowing the firm to hold future events and conferences in-house. To the right of the reception area is the tax advisory and business consulting side of HFA. The entire office is bordered by private offices with foor-to-ceiling panels of glass – home to the firm’s partners and supervisors.

On any given day, meetings are held in HFA’s thought-provoking conference room. Most recently, HFA’s Fun Club came together to plan out the next quarter of 2021. The club is comprised of HFA staffers who plan internal activities like potlucks, volunteer opportunities, employee appreciation days, holiday parties and softball games. If the conference room is in use, the huddle room is also available for brainstorming sessions.

When it’s time to relax or refuel, staffers have the opportunity to relax in the firm’s new state-of-the art kitchen, lounge space and wellness room. Brimming with excitement, the contemporary kitchen offers a popcorn bar, fresh fruit, granola bars and an assortment of games such as scrabble, toggle toss and miniature cornhole. “As accountants, our schedules are not typical and we want our personnel to feel as comfortable as possible when they are here. That’s why we strategically created a place that was welcoming, inspirational and balanced.”

Everyone at HFA aims to be a high-performance partner by showing spirited commitment towards the firm’s vision, core values and strategic plan. All HFA team members understand the role they individually play in helping the firm reach its goals. “Each partner and team member is self-accountable to the commitments we have made and we promise to do these things on time and to the best of our ability,” said Snell. “Honesty and integrity are the pillars of our profession.”

HFA’s new headquarters fully support its vision to employ a ‘People First’ mantra, underlining team development at its core. “At HFA, we work together to foster a culture of mutual respect,” said Snell. “We retain high-quality professionals by valuing and supporting the people with whom we work. This new space allows us to take our vision a step further and that’s what makes us successful. That’s what makes us HFA.”

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