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HFA Honors Local Heroes

The EMTs who show up. The medical professionals who heal us. The military and police officers who protect us. The mail carriers who deliver to us. The firefighters who rescue us. The store clerks who provide for us. And the many others who stand by us. HFA, a Central New Jersey accounting firm, has made it their mission to help and honor all those on the frontlines who continue to risk their lives for ours.

Sarah Snell, CPA, PAFM, Chief Operating Officer of HFA, recently coordinated a fundraiser to collect donations for first responders and local healthcare providers facing severe personal protective equipment (PPE) shortages. “Due to these shortages, many healthcare professionals are being told they have to reuse single-use PPE, use makeshift protection like bandanas, or even go into patients’ rooms or on calls under-protected,” said Sarah Snell. “I am incredibly blessed to be working from home with my healthy family. I’ve been watching the news and speaking to friends in the medical field about what they are experiencing, and in many ways, I have felt called to act. So, through HFA, I was able to coordinate fundraising efforts to help our frontline responders in this great time of need.”

HFA was able to raise over $5,000 and donate 1,500 KN95 and three-ply medical masks to area healthcare facilities, first aid squads, fire stations, police and other first responders. Recipients include approximately 15 fire companies, 10 police stations, 10 first aid and healthcare facilities, in addition to local municipalities and military units currently serving abroad.

Lauren Holman, HFA Partner, has led a separate initiative within the firm to thank local heroes daily on HFA’s social media feeds. “We really wanted to highlight all the good in the world – all the people that are headed out each and every day to protect us, keep us safe and help us heal if we do get sick,” said Holman. “We also realized that none of these people signed up to work through a pandemic, yet they keep showing up each day for us.”

HFA thanked local heroes throughout April and May. “There are a lot of amazing people out there who are making sure our basic necessities are met and they should all know how much we appreciate them,” said Holman. “One hero said she was brought to tears because her job is just so overwhelming right now and yet we ‘saw’ her.”

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