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Forensic Services

Are your assets at risk?  Have you already been the victim of a fraud?  Do you have a responsibility  to customers, clients or tax payers?  Most businesses, organizations and agencies can answer yes to one, two or all of these questions.  Then ask yourself, “What’s my exposure”?

At HFA our forensics team is uniquely qualified to guide you through these issues.  Our education, training and experience differentiate us from others in the field.  Our team is comprised of Certified Public Accountants who are former state and federal law enforcement professionals.  Working closely with state and federal prosecutors, these investigators have successfully planned, conducted and managed hundreds of investigations into violations of state and federal laws involving fraud, organized crime and public corruption. Our team is also staffed with Certified Fraud Examiners and accounting professionals with significant experience in matters relating to theft and fraud. This highly skilled team can assess your level of risk, mitigate your exposure, quantify your losses and/or assist in efforts to make you whole.

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Matthew Holman, Partner

Forensic Advisory

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Robert Allison, Partner

Forensic Advisory

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Jerry Conaty, Partner

Forensic Advisory

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