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April Showers Bring Opportunities to Make a Difference: HFA Celebrates National Volunteering Month

Updated: Apr 18

As April unfolds, so does the chance to embrace the spirit of giving back, as it is officially recognized as National Volunteering Month. At Holman Frenia Allison, P.C. (HFA), this month holds special significance as we reaffirm our commitment to supporting the communities in which we live and work.

Recognizing the continuous need for volunteers in our community, HFA encourages our team to connect with organizations whose missions align with their values. Our Volunteering/Community Chairs, Ashley Ackerman, and Kathy Horton, embody this dedication to making a positive impact through their advocacy and hands-on involvement.

Ashley Ackerman is a Senior Manager in HFA’s Non-Profit Attestation Division. Ashley's commitment extends beyond her role at HFA; she serves as a Board Member for the Ronald McDonald House of Central & Northern New Jersey.  She shares her insights on the impact of volunteering: "Working closely with community organizations is incredibly humbling and fulfilling. Small acts like donating diapers, toys, etc., which may seem trivial, have a profound impact on others. It really helps to put into perspective how fortunate we really are."

Similarly, Kathy Horton emphasizes the transformative power of volunteering: "Behind-the-scenes efforts, like building houses or helping in food kitchens, may seem small but they make a huge difference. Volunteering has raised my awareness of local needs."

Ashley and Kathy have spearheaded a myriad of initiatives that aim to broaden HFA’s community impact. Notably, they led HFA’s Annual Day of Service in 2023, where staff members volunteered at 8 non-profit organizations across Monmouth and Ocean counties.

We invite you to explore the missions of the organizations that HFA has volunteered at, showcasing how HFA not only supports but actively champions their causes. Our dedication extends beyond volunteering; we have Partners and staff members who serve on their boards, aligning our efforts with their long-term goals and impact:

Beyond our Annual Day of Service, HFA remains committed to ongoing community involvement, which includes participation in the Dress for Success Clothing Drive for Monmouth University’s Human Resources Club, and Clean Ocean Action's Spring Clean-Up, known as the Beach Sweeps.

These efforts reflect HFA’s steadfast commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of others, embodying the true spirit of National Volunteering Month.

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