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Business Tax

S-Corp, C-Corp, Partnership, Sole Proprietorship, or LLC?

Our professionals have the experience and know-how to guide you through the many decisions you will face as a business owner or operator. From start-up and acquisition to sale and dissolution, we have seen it all and are ready to be a key part of your success. At HFA we understand that every business is unique. We are here first and foremost to listen to your needs and concerns. From there, we can draw upon our vast experience to offer the most cost effective recommendations and services. Regardless of size, location, or industry, businesses of all types are still navigating the effects of massive changes to the federal tax code. And no matter what type of business you operate, there are opportunities to lower your total tax liability by optimizing your federal tax planning.

Our Services

Individual Tax Services Anchor
Entity Tax Services

Business Entity Selection

  • Assistance in evaluating the pros and cons of each entity type to help you determine the most advantageous form of business for your company.

  • The choice you make has several implications such as state and federal tax consequences, partner restrictions, and equity ramifications.

  • HFA's team of experienced professionals in business entity selection can vastly improve your chances of selecting the right entity for your needs.

Governmental Tax Services

Small Business Services

  • Provide Formation Advice and Compliance

  • Custom Tailoring and Set Up of Accounting System

  • Assist in Training of Personnel

  • Tax Compliance Services

  • Tax Consulting and Representation Services

  • Valuation and Litigation Support Services

  • Provide Audit and Accounting Services

  • Succession Planning for Owners

1099 Information & Compliance

  • 1099 forms are required for any individual or business, who is not an employee or a corporation that was paid $600 or more during the year for services, rents or attorney’s fees.

  • Emphasis on this is important because the IRS has begun focusing heavily on taxpayer compliance with information reporting laws.

Business Tax Compliance

  • HFA is experienced in all levels of compliance and can prepare your federal and state small business schedule C, Partnership 1065 tax returns, S-Corporation 1120-S tax returns and Corporation 1120 tax returns.

  • Our team of tax accountants work with our clients throughout the region, and our advanced technology make communication simple and secure. We specialize in many industries focusing on the tax credits and tax laws specific to those industries.

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