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Internal Controls

Internal controls create the foundation for an organization to achieve its operational, reporting and compliance objectives. HFA Advisory has extensive experience providing organizations with internal control services designed to ensure that all processes are operating efficiently and effectively, while at the same time mitigating organizational risk. Our Internal Control Team, led by a COSO certified senior partner, can help you streamline your operations. Through a comprehensive evaluation of your processes, we determine the risks that must be mitigated, identify weaknesses that must be corrected, and unveil opportunities for your organization to improve efficiency and productivity.

Our Services

Internal Controls Assessment

  • Current-State Controls Analysis

  • Controls Environment Recommendations

  • Independent Risk Assessment

  • Internal Controls Culture Implementation

Internal Controls Manual Development

  • Current-State Internal Controls Manual Enhancement

  • All-Inclusive Internal Controls Manual Development

  • Internal Controls Manual Integration with Standard Operating Procedures

Internal Controls Training

  • Internal Controls Manual Training

  • Employee Adherence Training

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