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Tax Compliance Services

Tax planning and preparation go hand in hand. In other words, you can’t have one without the other.

At HFA, we take the time to listen to your immediate needs, concerns, and long-term goals, so we can offer the best solution for YOU.

Tax preparation is not a one-size fits all discipline. Two individuals or businesses can come to us with very similar income and expenses, yet leave with two totally different approaches to tax planning and compliance.

Our professionals take the time to identify with each client and develop a solution best tailored for them.

Year after year, our clients look to us to provide guidance and tax strategies that take advantage of the latest laws and regulations.

We view ourselves as a trusted partner who will be there when needed the most.

Our professionals undergo rigorous training and have an extensive library of resources available to help them stay ahead of the pack in offering innovative, yet cost-effective tax services.

For additional information regarding our Tax Compliance services, please contact Craig Johnson at

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