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Criminal & Civil Litigation

Guilt or non-guilt is determined after conducting a careful analysis of the evidence that has been presented.  This analysis reveals whether certain standards of proof have or have not been met.  Those standards are determined by the arena in which you find yourself.  In the civil arena, your adversary must prove your guilt or culpability by a preponderance of the evidence.  More seriously, in the criminal arena, the government must prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

You cannot effectively defend yourself, or evaluate alternative courses of action, if you can’t prove that the evidence offered by your adversary is valid and meets all of the elements of the civil violation or crime you’ve allegedly committed. Both conditions must be satisfied.  At HFA our forensic team understands all of these conditions.  Our team is comprised of fraud auditing, forensic accounting and former law enforcement professionals.  We possess the technical skills and investigative experience required to compete in these high-stakes arenas.  When your freedom and/or your assets are at risk – when everything is in on the line – don’t jeopardize yourself any further, maximize your protection and call HFA.

At HFA, we believe that a thorough vetting of the civil and criminal processes is the only way to ensure liberty and justice for all;  and to ensure and maintain an equitable, healthy criminal justice system.

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